Winner of Best New Festival, Best Medium Sized Festival and Best International Festival awards, We Are FSTVL hosts a huge weekender in May at Damyn’s Hall, Upminster, combining some of the world’s biggest names in electronic dance music with some of the world’s leading club brands and labels for 50,000 fans.


The live music industry is expected to grow to $23.7 billion by 2019, according to Eventbrite, but markets are saturated, making it harder to secure prospective festival-goers. Serving fans with a relevant message throughout their user journey has been key to building the We Are FSTVL online brand through engaging experiences for its website visitors.


Yieldify helped We Are FSTVL engage its website visitors at the perfect moment to increase ticket sales, grow confidence and increase customer value. With Yieldify, We Are FSTVL created personal interactions that realised the potential value of its visitors.

Driven success


Increase conversions



Of website ticket sales
via the website


Acquire new customers



Of leads generated
via the website

“Yieldify has opened a whole new e-commerce channel for us which allows us to react quickly and target FSTVL fans based on their browsing behaviour, ensuring the right message is always used to sell the We Are FSTVL experience.”

We Are FSTVL Bojan Ambrus
Bojan Ambrus
Head of Digital Marketing

Promotion amplification Group offers

Group offer campaigns that were triggered on entry to the site drove the most traffic to the brand’s Eventbrite page (a separate ticketing domain that opens in another tab when clicked so as not to interrupt the user journey) causing the biggest uplift in ticket sales.



Increase in conversions
that was driven by Yieldify activity

New customer acquisition Lead capture

To help We are FSTVL grow its email database, Yieldify ran campaigns targeted at abandoning visitors highlighting a competition to win tickets to the festival.



of leads database
from Yieldify campaigns

Promotion amplification Drink tokens

Yieldify helped promote drinks tokens sold ahead of the event. Yieldify served an overlay highlighting the promotion to visitors as they arrived on site and, in the approach to the event, also when visitors showed intent to exit the website. We split-tested serving visitors with animated images against static images and found that more visually dynamic content caused greater engagement. This performance clearly demonstrated the benefit of visually engaging design, produced by the Yieldify team.



Uplift in desktop
with animated overlay vs. static image overlay

Value engagement Video

To re-engage abandoning visitors, Yieldify showed We Are FSTVL’s promotional video to abandoning visitors to encourage them to stay and purchase tickets. Yieldify split-tested click-to-play videos with sound against a video that autoplays without sound. The results revealed that the autoplaying video created greater engagement.



Uplift in click-through rate
with autoplay without sound vs. click to play with sound

Conversion urgency Countdown clock

To inspire urgency to book, when visitors showed intent to exit, Yieldify served them with a countdown clock indicating when ticket prices were due to increase. This campaign drove higher engagement when split test against a static overlay containing only a message to encourage urgent action.



Uplift in tablet
with countdown time overlay vs. static overlay

Conversion reassurance Geotargeted messaging

Yieldify ran campaigns that targeted visitors with messages designed to resonate with visitors from outside the UK. Yieldify served them with the details of hotels and travel arrangements to encourage them to book for the festival. The effect was both informative and reassuring.


Region-specific personalisation

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