• Customers as a channel According to Forrester, two of the top three types of advertising content that consumers deem most trustworthy are created not by brands, not by agencies – but by customers. These include: Brand or product recommendations from friends and family Professionally-written online reviews Consumer-written online reviews To brands and retailers, this won’t come as a surprise. […] 15 min read
  • Webinar: 6 ways to boost conversions using social proof Join us on October 18th with our friends from Feefo to explore how smart use of social proof can increase your conversion rate Social proof: the idea that we look to what others are doing to help us in decision-making. In other words, it’s the thought that says ‘everyone else is doing it – maybe […] 1 min read
  • Brand trust: how to gain your customer’s confidence online How do you grow brand trust online? Keep it honest, keep it consistent and keep it service-orientated. Without trust, your e-commerce store won’t survive.  If customers don’t believe your brand messages, product capabilities or in the service you provide, then it’s safe to say your days are numbered. Trust isn’t something that can be earned […] 6 min read
  • Introducing Dynamic Social Proof: the easy way to use FOMO to increase conversions Introducing Dynamic Social Proof – triggered onsite messages that use live website traffic data to show the number of other shoppers viewing products in real time. A key reason that we buy comes down to how popular we think a product is. We’re magnetised to the hottest trend, the latest release, the new game in town. […] 3 min read
  • How OVO Energy used reassurance messages to boost conversions by 18% OVO Energy is disrupting the industry. In a space dominated by the ‘big six’, the award-winning company is changing how customers choose their energy providers – but how do they get their website visitors to commit to a switch? OVO Energy was founded in 2009 with a clear and simple vision – to create the […] 1 min read
  • 5 psychological hacks to increase your website’s conversion rates Conversion optimisation specialist Peter Boyle delves into your customers’ minds to give you 5 psychological hacks to increase conversions on your website. You’re no fool. You know exactly what it takes to increase your conversions. Testing and research. Run a split test, identify the better variant, scrap the under performing variable, rinse and repeat. Simple. Before […] 10 min read