• 7 REASONS RETAIL CONSUMERS ABANDON SITE 75% OF CUSTOMERS WHO ABANDON A CART DO SO WITH INTENT TO PURCHASE Basket abandonment has become the single biggest drain on revenue for e-retailers with basket abandonment revenue losses surpassing £6 Billion in 2013. Ebusinesses have a multi-billion pound problem on their hands and smart e-retailers should begin looking for innovative and unique ways […] 12 min read
  • How to write product descriptions Product pages come at the ‘pointy’ end of the sales funnel, and it’s here that the choices you make as a marketer – and in particular, the product descriptions you use – can have a huge impact on whether or not a page converts. You should therefore lavish just as much care and attention on […] 15 min read
  • Introducing Dynamic Social Proof: the easy way to use FOMO to increase conversions Introducing Dynamic Social Proof – triggered onsite messages that use live website traffic data to show the number of other shoppers viewing products in real time. A key reason that we buy comes down to how popular we think a product is. We’re magnetised to the hottest trend, the latest release, the new game in town. […] 3 min read
  • Introducing the Yieldify Conversion Platform Today marks one of our biggest milestones since we first opened up shop in 2013; the Yieldify Conversion Platform has landed! It’s the smart and simple way to target your visitors with beautiful overlays and notifications that trigger based on their behaviour, engaging them with the right message at the perfect moment. It gives you […] 3 min read