• Introducing Dynamic Social Proof: the easy way to use FOMO to increase conversions Introducing Dynamic Social Proof – triggered onsite messages that use live website traffic data to show the number of other shoppers viewing products in real time. A key reason that we buy comes down to how popular we think a product is. We’re magnetised to the hottest trend, the latest release, the new game in town. […] 3 min read
  • The eCommerce On-Site Optimisation Guide Part 2 In part one of this guide we looked at some of the essentials for optimising your on-site experience, (if your memory is a little hazy we covered A/B testing, mobile optimisation and the power of automation). Now it’s time to delve a little deeper and place the focus on a business-critical element of your eCommerce […] 15 min read
  • The eCommerce On-Site Optimisation Guide WHERE SHOULD YOU SPEND YOUR MARKETING BUDGET? It’s a question marketing managers across the globe ponder on an almost daily basis. And if we’re being honest, the answer to this question relies heavily on what’s perceived to bring the highest possible gains. The question often leads to a quality vs quantity debate. Do you focus […] 20 min read
  • 6 Tips on How to Increase eCommerce Sales Without Discounting Giving away discounts can be an easy way to increase online sales fast, but there are downsides for both your profit margin and your brand – here’s what you can do instead. Everyone loves a discount – so much so that discount-hunting online has evolved into something close to an art form. And as a retailer, […] 5 min read
  • Introducing the Yieldify Conversion Platform Today marks one of our biggest milestones since we first opened up shop in 2013; the Yieldify Conversion Platform has landed! It’s the smart and simple way to target your visitors with beautiful overlays and notifications that trigger based on their behaviour, engaging them with the right message at the perfect moment. It gives you […] 3 min read
  • 4 marketing hacks to battle high bounce rates and low engagement New year, age-old problems. Battling bounce rates is the perennial fight that troubles any marketer; to get 2017 off to a great start, we lift the lid on four lesser-discussed hacks that could hold the secret to lower bounce rates and higher engagement on your website. Bounce rate is one of the biggest conversion killers around. […] 9 min read
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  • Turn your USP into a UVP and skyrocket your conversions Does your website struggle to keep hold of your audience’s attention? Here we explore how you can keep customers on the hook and skyrocket conversions by defining your unique value proposition. After months of planning and preparation, it’s time to launch your new product. The product is ready to ship, you’ve set up your funnel […] 6 min read