• The state of CJO 2018: 200+ e-commerce marketers on customer journey optimization The state of customer journey optimization in e-commerce, as told by 200+ marketers. The State of CJO 2018 is Yieldify’s inaugural survey into the current state of customer journey optimization in e-commerce, as told by marketers themselves. The report is one of the first to take a comprehensive look at Customer Journey Optimization (CJO) and […] 3 min read
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  • The ultimate guide to Customer Journey Optimisation CJO is the new CRO. As an e-commerce retailer, in order to keep competing and keep converting in an increasingly competitive market, you need to know your customer journey like the back of your hand – and be an expert at making it relevant and seamless. Because if you don’t, your competitors will. In this […] 22 min read