Stansted Express is a direct train service that carries over six million passengers every year between London Liverpool Street and Stansted Airport. With an average journey time of just 47 minutes, the service is the fastest and most direct way to travel between the airport and central London.


Stansted Express wanted to ensure that visitors to its website were aware of the benefits of booking with Stansted Express, and provided with relevant information to help them make that decision whichever stage of the booking journey they were at.


Yieldify developed a multi-touch campaign strategy targeting visitors throughout their booking journey with relevant messages. Analysis identified the messages that worked best, the optimal number to show, and the order to show them in for best results.

Users who saw the optimal combination of 4 campaigns had a conversion rate 107.5% higher than those who were shown 3 campaigns, and 120% higher than those who saw just one.

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Identify the optimal number of messages



campaigns drive the most impact


Increase conversion rate with CJO



increase in conversion rate for 4 campaigns vs. 1

“Through Yieldify’s combination of expert strategy and technology, Stansted Express has been able to continuously optimize the online customer journey. By testing, learning and iterating on our campaigns, Yieldify has more than delivered on increasing our conversion rate and driving incremental revenue.”

Chris Ford
Marketing & Digital Manager, Greater Anglia

Optimizing the messaging

The first step in optimizing the customer journey was to understand which messages were most impactful at different stages of the booking funnel.

Yieldify and Stansted Express ran a variety of different campaigns, targeting visitors by the stage of the journey they were at upper funnel, lower funnel, ticket selection, booking and payment, and outside the funnel.

All campaigns were tested against a control to determine if they were having a positive impact on conversion rate.


USP messaging

Highlighting brand USPs is a great way to capture the attention of visitors at different stages of their journey, but it’s important to pinpoint which message resonates best with your audience at that moment.

Visitors who had not yet entered the booking funnel were shown a corner notification highlighting the fact that the service is the fastest route between the airport and central London.

This campaign performed well across all devices but especially on a tablet, driving an 11.08% uplift in conversion.



conversion rate uplift on tablet


USP messaging

Having seen success with USP messaging to get users to enter the booking funnel, Stansted Express wanted to understand how this could be further leveraged to move visitors toward booking.

To do this, Stansted Express ran campaigns across desktop, mobile and tablet with different messaging, targeting visitors who were dwelling on upper funnel pages.

It was discovered that the most successful USP to highlight at this stage of the journey was related to advance booking offers, driving a +6.2% increase in conversion rate on mobile. Stansted Express was then able to roll this campaign out across other devices. 



conversion rate uplift on mobile


Reassurance messaging

As visitors reached the final stages of booking, Stansted Express wanted to understand if reassurance messaging would have a positive impact on conversion.

On the payment page, visitors were shown a subtle corner Notification, highlighting the frequency of service. This campaign drove a +3.2% increase in conversion on tablet.



conversion rate uplift on tablet

Optimizing the number of campaigns

Testing out a variety of campaigns meant that visitors might see multiple messages in a session, or just one, or none, depending if they were in the control group or not.

The next stage in optimizing the customer journey was then to identify the optimum number of messages to show to drive the best results and experience.

Analysis revealed that users who saw 4 campaigns in one session had the highest conversion rate, 120% higher than those who saw just 1 campaign, 107.5% higher than those who saw 3 and 15.1% higher than those who saw 5.

Conversion rate: number of campaigns seen

Optimizing the user journey

Having identified the optimum number of campaigns to show, the final piece of the puzzle was to pinpoint exactly which combination of messages was driving the most impact.

Firstly, as already confirmed, visitors who saw 4 campaigns had the highest conversion rate. This was 3.74% higher than a visitor who consistently fell within the control group i.e. did not see any campaigns.

Not only that, but seeing just one more campaign resulted in a higher conversion rate too, especially at the lower-funnel and booking stages of the journey, driving an additional 2% and 1.1% increase in conversions respectively versus the control.

The four campaigns that combined to drive the most conversions are shown below and included a mix of tactics and formats including USP messaging, Dynamic Social Proof, abandonment recovery and reassurance messaging.

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