Scribbler is an established UK greeting card retailer. Known for its tongue-in-cheek designs for all occasions, the company creates the perfect messages for colleagues, friends and family. With over 30 brick-and-mortar stores in the UK, Scribbler launched its e-commerce site in 2011 to make its cards accessible to anyone.


In the UK, the appetite for greeting cards remains healthy: at 33 cards per person each year, UK consumers buy more cards than any other nation. However, modern consumers – particularly millennials – are increasingly likely to favour texts or social posts over traditional greeting cards. The savvy team at Scribbler understood that to compete with the ease of modern communication, they needed to make purchasing cards online a simple and relevant experience.


Scribbler chose Yieldify to respond to modern consumer expectations with onsite customer journeys that convert. Drawing on learnings from over 10 billion interactions, Yieldify proposed a strategy to increase sales, email capture, average spend and loyalty through the Scribbler website, delivered via the Yieldify Conversion Platform. In three months Yieldify has already influenced over 19,000 sales.

Driven success


Increase conversions
Generate leads



Influenced sales


Increase in email leads
in three months

“We’re delighted with Yieldify. Their strategic advice and powerful technology has helped us build high-converting customer journeys on the Scribbler website. It’s also great to have access to product features like Dynamic Promotions that use real-time data to encourage purchases, and Notifications that grow trust with our customers by highlighting our Feefo score.”


Kim Cullum
Head of E-commerce

First order incentive Conversion campaign

Customers browsing a website for the first time may be window-shopping or researching. But a well-timed incentive can be all it takes to influence a purchase there and then, or encourage them to share their email address, creating new avenues to bring them back to the website to purchase at a later date.

To help Scribbler acquire new customers, when first-time visitors to the website showed intent to exit, Yieldify triggered an overlay offering 10% off their first order. Visitors who submitted their email address unlocked a promo code to redeem the offer at the checkout. The campaign has influenced nearly 3000 sales and captured over 750 email leads.


Nearly 3000

Influenced sales


Increase in leads


Leads captured
in three months
Scribbler lead generation campaign

Dynamic promotion Conversion campaign

Customer journey optimisation isn’t just about driving more sales; it’s about ensuring you get the best possible value from every customer by giving them a relevant experience.

To increase conversions, Yieldify ran a campaign that encouraged customers to spend a little more. When customers showed intent to exit with less than £5 of items in their basket, Yieldify displayed an overlay offering them free delivery on orders over £5. 

The campaign used Yieldify’s Dynamic Promotion feature – content that changes in real time based on the value of items in a customer’s basket. For example, a visitor with £2 worth of items in their basket would be encouraged to ‘Spend an extra £3 to get free delivery’. This campaign delivered a message personalised to each customer’s onsite journey and has influenced over 1000 sales.



Influenced sales
in three months
Scribller dynamic promotions campaign

Discovery Conversion campaign

Customer loyalty isn’t built overnight: each relationship needs to be nurtured. To do that, retailers need to ensure the experience they offer returning visitors stays fresh and relevant.

To help Scribbler cultivate loyalty, when returning visitors showed intent to exit the site, Yieldify showed them an overlay highlighting the ‘new arrivals’ section. This message effectively re-engaged these visitors with Scribbler’s latest cards, influencing over 750 sales.


Over 750

Influenced sales
in three months
Scribbler returning visitor campaign

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