Science in Sport develops, manufactures and markets innovative nutritional products for both the professional sportsperson and the local enthusiast. With products ranging from energy gels to whey powders, Science in Sport sells in a range of retail channels; including specialist sports retailers, major grocers and online.


One in four Brits will have consumed a sports nutrition product in the past 3 months*. The data doesn’t lie: consumers have never been more health-conscious – and their buyer behaviour is driving a boom for the sports nutrition industry. With the global sports nutrition market forecast to be worth $45.27 Billion by 2022, there’s a big opportunity available for the specialist vendors that can secure custom from interested shoppers. But the success of these nutrition specialists will depend on the customer experience they can deliver to secure loyalty and return purchases – and that’s especially true online.


SiS wanted to grow loyalty by providing website visitors with an experience to match its innovative products. With Yieldify’s expert advice, bespoke design service and custom-made campaigns, SiS has achieved an 82% uplift in conversion rates.


Conversion rate uplift
from targeted visitors

“Reactive and always providing new ways of thinking, the service and quality of Yieldify has exceeded expectations. No challenge is ever too great and we look forward to how our campaigns continue to evolve.”

Oliver Vidgeon
Ecommerce Manager UK & US

Cross-sell products Upsell corner highlight

Science in Sport wanted to encourage returning customers to make higher-value follow-up purchases. Yieldify served a subtle notification on relevant product pages to encourage visitors to add extra products to their basket with one click, driving a 155.5% uplift in conversions. The notification presented customers a range of relevant choices by presenting them with multiple CTAs.



Conversion rate uplift
from targeted returning customers

Unique promotion Free delivery

When returning visitors who had items in their basket showed intent to exit the website, Yieldify served an overlay highlighting ‘Free Delivery on orders over £25’. Using Yieldify, SIS was able to highlight this incentive at the perfect moment to encourage purchases, achieving an 83.1% conversion rate uplift from targeted visitors.



Conversion rate uplift
from targeted returning visitors

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