OVO was founded in 2009 with a clear and simple vision – to create the world’s most trusted energy company. A couple of friends sat around a kitchen table and listed what they wanted from their energy supplier, but weren’t getting. Things like fair pricing. Great service. Clear and simple information. Technology to make managing energy easier. And above all, honesty and transparency.

Seven years later, OVO now has nearly 700,000 customers and is still working to make energy as effortless, simple and as good value for customers as possible.


In the UK energy market, the ‘big six’ energy suppliers continue to occupy around 90% of the market, even though cheaper deals are available elsewhere. This means households are collectively spending over £4 billion per year more than they need to. Their failure to switch has often been blamed on inertia, but the market finally shows signs of change, thanks to awareness-driving campaigns by the government and Ofgem. These have resulted in more consumers switching energy providers in search of savings. Encouragingly, 40% of these people choose a supplier outside the big six.


Changing suppliers is no everyday online purchase, like ordering groceries. OVO needs to get website visitors to like them, trust them and, ultimately, take the major leap to switch. By combining Yieldify’s onsite remarketing with Trustpilot’s consumer reviews, visitors are given enough confidence in the brand to switch.


The challenge for OVO is tackling ‘abandonment’ from within the switching funnel. This means re-engaging visitors who appear to be getting cold feet, by making sure they feel 100% secure in their purchase. To do this, Yieldify delivered an overlay that appears across all devices and highlights OVO’s outstanding Trustpilot score. Providing reassuring messages at these crucial times is key to converting visitors into customers.


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Yieldify are a joy to work with: their proactivity, data-led decision-making and the little day-to-day management they require is really valuable to us. They do a great job all round, I really can’t stress enough how highly we speak of them internally.


Naomi Hall 
E-commerce Manager at OVO Energy

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