Omni Hotels & Resorts creates genuine, authentic guest experiences at 60 distinct luxury hotels and resorts in leading business gateways and leisure destinations across North America. From exceptional golf and spa retreats to dynamic business settings, each Omni property blends seamlessly into the local culture while providing each guest with a total departure from the everyday by pairing thoughtful details with unparalleled service.


With online travel agents offering consumers increased choice and review sites driving competition, Omni Hotels wanted to reassure visitors they would receive the best value by booking directly through rather than going elsewhere.


Yieldify’s smart and simple technology enabled Omni to communicate key value propositions at the vital moment in the booking process, encouraging visitors exhibiting exit behaviour to stay and convert.


Driven success


Reduce booking funnel abandonment



Conversion rate uplift
from visitors abandoning booking pages

At Omni Hotels & Resorts we are committed to providing a high level of service throughout every stage of a guest’s journey with us. Therefore, it is important our customers understand that the best price, experience and greatest value can be obtained by booking directly with Yieldify helps us deliver that message at the most critical moment in the booking process.


Craig Kokesh 
Director, Content Marketing

Conversion reassurance: Leaving to compare prices? Conversion campaign

When a visitor showed exit behavior, Yieldify served them with an overlay reassuring them that by booking their hotel through the Omni website, rather than going elsewhere, they would get the best value for money.  Acknowledging why the website visitor may be leaving the booking funnel enabled Omni to speak to their website visitor’s prime motivation: to find the best price.



Conversion rate uplift
from visitors abandoning booking funnel

Conversion reassurance: Best rate guarantee Conversion campaign

This campaign reassured abandoning visitors with a best value guarantee. By serving an overlay expressing an Omni value proposition, Yieldify was able to encourage visitors to stay and convert without impacting the client’s margins.



Conversion rate uplift
from visitors abandoning booking funnel

How it works

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