M6 Boutique first appeared as a television show in 1988 and has since been a pioneer of home shopping in France, now extending to e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar retail as well as continuing to broadcast over 650 hours of TV programming every year. Over two million customers trust M6 Boutique, which now offers products from over 400 brands.


Having changed the face of shopping over the last twenty years, M6 Boutique’s challenge today is greater than ever. With e-commerce giants such as Amazon occupying swathes of the market and more brands offering their products directly to consumers via online stores, M6 Boutique succeeds by emphasising its long-held values of quality and value. Just as it did when its first programme launched in the 1980s, each product is carefully selected and reviewed, so customers are reassured that they’re buying the very best.


M6 Boutique began working with Yieldify in 2015, aiming to increase conversions, reduce abandonment and increase average order as well as grow customer lifetime value.

Driven success


Increase conversions



Conversion rate uplift


Increase customer value



Average order value

The Yieldify team is very responsive to our requests. This enables us to launch campaigns quickly without using our own design resources. This is why we have been able to A/B test multiple scenarios concerning basket abandonment and our special delivery fees. Also, the dashboard enables us to easily monitor our campaigns and ROI.

M6 Boutique Head of E-commerce
Olivier Savaete
Head of E-commerce

Conversion Basket-value targeting

A key challenge for M6 Boutique is delivery fees: its policy adds a delivery charge for each new product added to a basket. This contributed to a 40-50% abandonment rate at checkout. Waiving the delivery fees for all potential customers would have impacted the brand’s margins, and so a campaign was devised to offer free delivery only in cases where the visitor was near the bottom of the funnel.

Yieldify’s campaign targeted visitors on the basket page, triggering when the visitor showed intent to exit. The message offered free delivery on one-item baskets and just one delivery charge for baskets with two or more items; particularly for those with multiple items, this translated to a substantial incentive that helped reduce abandonment and increase conversions without heavily impacting margins.



increase in conversions
 from targeted abandoning visitors

Visitor experience Video

For M6 Boutique, its TV programming is at the core of the brand; for its e-commerce function to succeed, it needed to ensure that visitors were being reminded of the TV content and presenters that they know and trust.

Yieldify introduced a video campaign that autoplayed with sound on mute (with the option to turn it on). The video showed a livestream of the TV programme, leveraging M6 Boutique’s core value without interrupting the visitor’s shopping journey.


Nearly 150,000

in one month
M6 Boutique USP message campaign

How it works

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