An iconic brand with global reach, Kickers makes unique footwear for confident, style-savvy people. The brand is known for creating high-quality leather boots and shoes with unmatched comfort and attention to detail. Licenced by Pentland Brands in the UK, Kickers consistently strives to meet the high expectations of modern consumers, and recently won a Drapers Footwear Award for Kids’ Footwear Brand of the Year.


Growth in footwear e-commerce has been robust and continuous, with online sales up 21% in 2016. But with big generalist stores and scores of specialist outlets in the market, it’s up to e-commerce marketers to do whatever they can to catch and hold the attention of prospective customers. That starts with spending to drive traffic to the online store, but the moment of truth is when all that hard-won traffic arrives onsite. At that stage, it’s important that marketers have the right strategies in place to interact effectively with those visitors to encourage conversions.


Kickers partnered with Yieldify to build customer journeys that convert, and was one of the first customers to use Yieldify’s new Dynamic Social Proof feature. This inspires urgency by displaying the interest that other shoppers are showing in a product in real-time.

By making sure that visitors to the Kickers website received a personal and compelling experience, the team increased conversions by 72.4% with Yieldify.

Driven success


Conversion rate uplift
from all Yieldify activity


Conversion rate uplift from dynamic social proof
in three months


Leads captured each month
by Yieldify campaigns

Yieldify is a fantastic strategic partner. The team’s expertise in CRO and innovative technology has helped us drive the performance of the Kickers website.”


Rob Burr
E-commerce Manager, Kickers (Pentland Brands)

Dynamic social proof Conversion campaign

Social proof’ – the notion that we look at what others are doing to help us to make decisions – can be used as an e-commerce marketing tactic to optimise a website for conversion. Kickers does this in two ways: firstly, by highlighting customer ratings and reviews as trust signals, and secondly with Dynamic Social Proof from Yieldify.

When customers viewed product pages on the Kickers website, Yieldify served them with a discreet notification showing the number of other people who had viewed that same item in the past 24 hours. This had the effect of bringing the buzz of a crowded store to the website, inspiring an urgency to purchase in browsing customers. Based on three months of data, the campaign has driven a 17.9% uplift in conversions.



Conversion rate uplift
on website product pages

“We’ve been excited to see the impact of Dynamic Social Proof, which has given us an 18% lift in conversions so far. It’s an inventive way to give browsing shoppers just the nudge they need towards making their purchase without having to offer a discount, and it really enhances the customer journey.”

Rob Burr E-commerce Manager, Kickers (Pentland Brands)

How it works

Click the video to see Dynamic Social Proof in action on desktop


First order incentive Leads campaign

Not every website visitor is ready to make a purchase – but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be encouraged to change their minds or at least stay in touch.

When first-time visitors showed intent to exit from the Kickers website, Yieldify served an overlay offering them a small discount in exchange for their email address. This brought abandoning visitors back and also captured email addresses that Kickers could reach out to at a later date.


Up to 57%

Conversion rate uplift

+296 leads

captured a month
from targeted website visitors

Free delivery and free gift Conversion campaign

A low-cost free gift can be just as effective at influencing a conversion as a discount – if not more so.

When visitors showed intent to exit the Kickers website, Yieldify served an overlay offering free delivery and a free Kickers bag with their purchase. The campaign performed especially well on mobile, driving an 88.3% uplift in conversions from target visitors.


Up to 88.3%

Conversion rate uplift
from targeted website visitors

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