Skyn ICELAND is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that offers skincare solutions to treat the damage caused by stress. Founder Sarah Kugelman created the brand in order to share her knowledge and experience of battling stress gained from her travels to Iceland, as well as over 20 years working in the beauty industry.


Skyn ICELAND sells products in the US direct to consumers via its e-commerce site. The brand wanted to ensure that visitors are able to explore, and increase their knowledge of skyn ICELAND products with a smooth and relevant customer journey.


Skyn ICELAND worked with Yieldify to deliver relevant messages to visitors at key points in the customer journey. From cross-selling with recommended products to reducing abandonment with USP messaging, to launching their new loyalty program the brand has seen a +7.53% increase in conversion rate since using the Yieldify Conversion Platform.

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Drive conversions



Uplift in conversion rate

“Through using the Yieldify Conversion Platform, and working with their expert team we have gained a greater understanding of what works when it comes to creating successful customer journeys. The results we have achieved together are a testament to this, from increasing conversion rate to cross-selling products, to reducing abandonment Yieldify have proven themselves a vital component of our e-commerce strategy.”

Marilee Clark
Director of Digital and Social Media

Cross-selling with contextually relevant messaging Increase customer value

Skyn ICELAND knows that the key to cross-selling successfully is to suggest value-added products that focus on the skincare needs of its visitors. Working with Yieldify the brand created a campaign that targeted visitors purchasing Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, using flexible targeting they were shown an overlay that recommended a complementary product, the Brightening Eye Serum. Providing more education on why this product would help visitors achieve their skincare goals resulted in a +23.1% uplift in conversion rate and boosted order value by 14.94%.



Conversion rate uplift


Increase in average order value

A/B testing approaches to cart abandonment Reducing abandonment

Skyn ICELAND wanted to understand whether a promotional offer or reiterating USPs would be more effective in reducing cart abandonment. To find out, the brand used Yieldify to A/B test overlay creatives targeted at visitors who had items in their basket that showed intent to leave.

While both had a positive impact on conversion, the creative that emphasised USPs of natural ingredients and fighting stress ultimately performed better, driving a +28.87% increase in conversion rate, compared to the creative offering $5 off.



Conversion rate uplift

Tailoring the customer journey to launch a new loyalty program Improve the user journey

As acquisition costs within the beauty industry continue to rise due to increased competition and competitive bidding, loyalty programs have become an invaluable strategy to help marketers retain their most valuable visitors.

Skyn ICELAND used the Yieldify Conversion Platform to ensure that new users were aware of the benefits of joining its rewards program, and returning customers were reminded to make the necessary changes to their existing account in order to receive their rewards.

For new users creating an account, a notification displayed to remind and reassure them of the benefits they would receive as a member. Returning customers were welcomed back with an overlay making them aware of the new programme and encouraging them to update their account to join.


Tailored customer journey

for new visitors and returning customers

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