Montblanc has been a consistent presence in the luxury brand market for nearly a century. The brand is celebrated as a paramount creator of writing instruments, watches, leather pieces, jewellery, fragrance  and eyewear.


While growth in luxury retail has slowed in the US and Europe in brick-and-mortar stores, global digital sales of luxury goods are up 9% for 2016 and have grown a massive 77% since 2011.* It’s a big opportunity – and one that most brands will miss out on because they are providing their website visitors with an irrelevant and impersonal digital experience. The winning marketers will be those that put the experience first – particularly in hard fought industries such as luxury retail, where consumers will need to feel prepared to make a high value purchase and expect a premium brand experience.


With Yieldify, Montblanc has been able to create effective experiences for its website visitors, reducing site abandonment and increasing conversions.

*Data from Euromonitor

Driven success


Increase conversions



Conversion rate
from targeted visitors

Thanks to Yieldify, we have been able to create great experiences that increase purchases by users visiting the Montblanc websites. Using their technology, we have run targeted campaigns to highlight website USPs, such as eligibility for free gifts and promotions such as free leather embossing. The results speak for themselves: campaigns convert website browsers into buyers and reduce abandonment rates across our websites. We’ve also benefited from Yieldify’s excellent service, including strategic advice, creative design and technical support.


Lasse Heiden 
Manager E-Commerce International, Montblanc

Promote USPs: free engraving, gift wrapping, and free delivery Conversion campaign

To encourage conversion, Yieldify served overlays to website visitors abandoning their basket just before they reached the checkout. These visitors were served with an overlay highlighting Montblanc USPs: that customers are entitled to free engraving and gift wrapping and that free delivery is available over a certain threshold.



Conversion rate
from targeted visitors

Unique promotion: free leather embossing Conversion campaign

Only the finest artisans are trusted with the creation of Montblanc’s leather pieces. To provide a luxury experience that matches the quality of these products, Montblanc offers customers free embossing on their leather products of choice. It’s a special and personal touch that can encourage a purchase. With Yieldify, Montblanc was able to highlight this unique brand promotion to visitors exploring their leather product pages, driving a conversion rate increase of 41.4%.



Conversion rate
from targeted visitors

Content download: redirection to phone service Conversion campaign

Businesses that make high value purchases are significant customers for Montblanc. To engage these visitors, Yieldify served overlays to visitors browsing business gift pages, encouraging them to download a catalogue and highlighting the Montblanc telephone service number. To date, this campaign has driven a conversion rate of 30% on the German Montblanc website.



Conversion rate
from targeted visitors on

Free gift: Father's Day free gift incentive Conversion campaign

To encourage purchases in the run up to Father’s Day, Montblanc ran Yieldify campaigns highlighting that a free gift is available to shoppers who spend over £200 on Father’s Day. This campaign inspired urgency in shoppers, driving a significant increase in conversions of 118%.



Conversion rate
from targeted visitors

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