M.J. Bale is one of Australia’s most iconic menswear brands. Launched in 2009 by founder Matt Jensen, (the ‘M.J.’ in M.J. Bale) the brand revolves around quality, of both the product and the in-store experience. M.J. Bale began working with Yieldify in February 2018 to help ensure the online customer experience continued this tradition of quality and character.


M.J. Bale offers a wide variety of products to fit the lifestyle of its customers, from casual chinos to custom tailoring, seeking to provide great value across their four collections; Blue, Classic, Collection and Casual. In the company’s brick and mortar stores, the brand is known for their knowledgeable sales assistants, so recreating this experience online was of utmost importance.


M.J. Bale worked with Yieldify to ensure that visitors to the website were able to discover exactly what they were looking for, see which products were popular with other visitors, take advantage of special offers with partners such as GQ and find all information required on services like Click and Collect. Overall, the campaigns run through Yieldify achieved a +59% uplift in conversion rate versus control.


increase conversions


conversion rate uplift versus control

drive incremental revenue


in incremental revenue

“Our partnership with the Yieldify team to date epitomises the ideal agency/client relationship. Not only have they provided seamless integration and incremental revenue uplift from day one, their exemplary account management makes them feel more like a natural extension to our own eComm team.”

Tully Challen, Digital Marketing Specialist at M.J. Bale
Tully Challen
Digital Marketing Specialist, M.J. Bale

Improving product discovery Upsell campaign

Multibuys are a key product category for M.J. Bale, particularly shirts and suits bundles. To improve the customer experience the brand wanted to help visitors discover the most popular bundles at the appropriate moment in their journey, potentially increasing the average order value.

To do this, M.J. Bale launched a Yieldify campaign targeting visitors browsing either the suits or shirts category pages. At the perfect moment, a subtle Notification triggered to encourage visitors to discover bundled items relevant to the products they were browsing.

These campaigns drove a significant uplift in conversion rate and impacted average order value. The shirts Notification saw an uplift of +55.5% and a 27.4% increase in average order value versus the control groups. The suits Notification achieved an even higher conversion rate uplift of +74.9%



conversion rate uplift


increase in AOV
Highlighting multi-buy offers with Yieldify

Driving urgency with flash sales Conversion campaign

As part of GQ Magazine’s Online Shopping Night M.J. Bale offered customers an extra 25% off all sale styles. To ensure that the most was being made of the traffic driven to the site by this partnership with GQ M.J. Bale wanted to ensure that all visitors to the site were well aware of the special offer, and its limited timeframe.

When visitors showed intent to exit the website, Yieldify triggered an overlay including an enticing offer and a countdown clock to inspire a sense of urgency to purchase. This campaign achieved a huge increase in sales driving +117% CR uplift across the three days of the flash sale.

The campaign also highlighted the importance of agility when it comes to tactical campaigns such as flash sales. The Yieldiy services team were able to turn this around within 24 hours, with no need to make any changes to the website code for a marketing push with such a short timeframe.



conversion rate uplift versus control
Creating urgency with a countdown clock & Yieldify

Highlighting trending products Dynamic Social Proof campaign

Driving urgency isn’t just for limited time offers: it can also be effective on the product pages to help recreate the experience of shopping in-store, where it’s easy to see which products are popular with other customers.

Using Yieldify’s Dynamic Social Proof, M.J. Bale was able to highlight how many other shoppers had been looking at the most popular products in the last 24 hours.

Based on Yieldify’s benchmark data from over 155k campaigns, those that use Dynamic Social Proof can drive conversion rate uplifts from +6.6%, up to as high as +48.3% depending on the targeting criteria, with the average falling around +8.5%. Other brands using this feature include Kicker’s and Butterfly Twists.

Product page social proof

Reducing abandonment with USP messaging Conversion campaign

A suit is an expensive and considered purchase, not least because the quality can only be felt in person. This tactile aspect of the purchase – that people want to touch and feel the suit, and try it on, means it’s a challenge to encourage visitors to buy online.

To overcome this challenge, Yieldify worked with M.J. Bale to target visitors in the purchase funnel who had items in their carts. If these visitors showed intent to exit, they were shown an overlay to reassure them about their high-value purchase by highlighting the easy returns process, and the fact click and collect is available, outlining that visitors are able to try on in-store.

At this critical stage of the customer journey, the campaign achieved a +24% uplift in conversion rate versus control.



conversion rate uplift versus control
Click and collect USP

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