Kiehl’s is an American cosmetics brand specializing in premium skin, hair and beauty products. Founded in 1851, it became part of the L’Oreal group in 2000 and is now one of the world’s most recognised skincare brands.


Known for its strong brand values and heritage, Kiehl’s emphasises the values of philanthropy, sustainability, service, respect and quality. This has seen the brand take an unconventional marketing approach within the beauty industry — letting the products speak for themselves. This is achieved by combining a generous sampling policy with an in-store experience renowned for its knowledgeable customer service advisors, that demystify the products. The ultimate goal has been to recreate these experiences online across the markets the brand operates within globally.


Kiehl’s Spain partnered with Yieldify to help create customer journeys that convert by bringing the Kiehl’s experience to life online with Dynamic Promotions and creatively highlighting the brands USPs and sampling policy.

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Conversion rate uplift

“The winning combination of Yieldify’s technology and team forms a valuable part of our digital strategy for L’Oreal brands here in Spain. The Kiehl’s results demonstrate the positive ROI we have achieved through this partnership, by driving an increase in conversion rates and average order values. We’re excited to continue optimising our customer journey together.”

Pilar Ruiz de Temiño
Senior Digital Project Manager, L’Oreal Luxe

Driving conversions with Dynamic Promotions Conversion campaign

Considering that 75% of customers who abandon a cart do so with intent to purchase, and that 93% are encouraged to buy more products if free shipping is included, Yieldify worked with Kiehl’s ES to display its free shipping offer in an innovative way.

Targeting users with items in their basket below 60 who were showing intent to exit the site, Kiehl’s used Yieldify’s Dynamic Promotions to deliver a personal and powerful incentive to stay. Visitors were shown exactly how much they’d need to spend to qualify for free shipping, increasing conversions and encouraging a higher order value.



Uplift in conversion rate


Increase in average order value

Fighting abandonment by highlighting USPs Conversion campaign

For shoppers unfamiliar with a beauty brand, highlighting USPs can be an effective way to reduce abandonment by giving them that extra peace of mind when buying products they haven’t yet tried.

To this end, Kiehl’s worked with Yieldify to highlight the brands USPs to hesitant returning visitors that hadn’t yet placed any items in their basket and were showing exit intent.

An overlay showcasing Kiehl’s 72-hour delivery, free samples and 28-day satisfaction guarantee, was shown to this segment, driving a 57.1% uplift in conversion rate.



Uplift in conversion rate

Increasing spend with sampling AOV campaign

With sampling a key part of the in-store experience, Kiehl’s wanted to see how this would impact conversions and average order value.

In order to do this, visitors with a basket value between 75 and 89 were targeted with a corner notification during their journey, with a campaign offering 2 XXL free samples and three sachets if they spent over 90. Mirroring the in-store experience of being offered samples by an advisor drove an uplift in conversion rate of 33.3%, and increased average order value by 4.2%.



Uplift in conversion rate


Increase in average order value

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