Founded in 2012, HYLETE was created with the belief that innovation and quality in the sportswear market does not have to come with a high price tag. Bypassing the traditional retail model by selling directly to consumers, HYLETE has evolved into the first community-driven functional fitness brand, with over 150,000 customers and generating more than $19m in revenue since the brand’s inception.

A challenger in a challenging market

The sportswear market has exploded over the past few years thanks to the growth in health and fitness trends, and the US is the world’s largest, worth $44 billion. With 65 million people actively participating in sports and fitness activities regularly in the US, the opportunity is huge. HYLETE offers consumers the chance to receive the input, support, and feedback of the online HYLETE community, keeping them on track to achieve their fitness goals.

Customer journeys that convert

HYLETE partnered with Yieldify to build customer journeys that convert, and was an early adopter of Yieldify’s Progress Bar feature that allows marketers to highlight to website visitors available promotions and exclusive offers by visualizing how close they are to unlocking them.

Driven success


Increase average order value



Uplift in AOV for progress bar campaign on mobile


Increase conversion rate and reduce abandonment



Uplift in conversion rate with video content

“As a community-driven brand HYLETE believes that innovative performance apparel doesn’t need to come with a high price tag. The partnership with Yieldify has enabled us to translate these values across our on-site experience, by highlighting to our community exactly where they can make savings or take advantage of offers like free delivery. This has driven an increase in conversions and average order value.”

Jamie Wardlow
VP Marketing

Boosting spend by showing all available offers

HYLETE can offer products with exclusive pricing because it sells direct to its community. To ensure the community were aware of its latest offers, HYLETE used Yieldify to highlight available promotions, encouraging conversions and higher average spend.

At the perfect moment, HYLETE showed a Notification that displayed a Progress bar. This encouraged customers to spend more and stay on track to checkout.



uplift in average order value on mobile

Reducing abandonment with video content

HYLETE wanted to highlight its ‘free return shipping’ USP to customers showing intent to exit its website. The brand displayed different types of content to abandoning visitors to try and understand what converted best. With a growing consumer demand for video content (53% of consumers want more video from marketers!) HYLELTE tested how this worked on-site. 

Targeted customers were shown an Overlay with a still image or a video, highlighting the free return shipping USP. The results revealed that the video message was more effective at driving conversions, with a +42.2% uplift versus the control.



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