Butterfly Twists makes women’s shoes designed with consideration for style and luxury as well as comfort and versatility. Known for its patented featherweight, flexible sole, Butterfly Twists debuted its first collection in London in 2009, dedicated to the aching toes and glamour-cravings of its most stylish inhabitants. Since then, the brand has trod a path to success, recently winning ‘Most Improved Brand of the Year’ and a commendation in the ‘Best Campaign of the Year’ category at the Drapers Footwear Awards 2017.


Flat shoes are the most popular women’s shoe in the market so the opportunity is obvious for brands with a great product and customer experience. But it’s no secret that women’s fashion retailers are constantly under pressure to mark down and discount to meet consumer expectations – and that’s just as true online. Savvy ecommerce marketers need to be smart with how they target the incentives they are prepared to offer and find other tactics to encourage purchases that don’t impact their margins.


With Yieldify’s expert team and technology, Butterfly Twists launched a successful customer journey optimisation strategy to capture leads and boost conversions by targeting discounts and promoting key selling points. The brand recently launched Yieldify’s Dynamic Social Proof feature to influence purchase decisions, successfully driving an 11.1% conversion rate uplift.


Driven success


Increase conversions



Conversion rate uplift
from Dynamic Social Proof across all product pages

You can already see that Dynamic Social Proof has driven new revenue for us – an 11% uplift in conversions. It’s great to have simple technology in place that can encourage sales and we’re excited to see what the Yieldify Conversion Platform will bring us next.


Rob Young 
Head of Ecommerce, Butterfly Twists

Dynamic social proof Conversion campaign

Social proof is the behavioural economics idea that we will look to what others are doing to help us make decisions. In ecommerce, a contextual social proof message delivered at the right moment can encourage browsers to make a purchase.

Butterfly Twists launched Dynamic Social Proof by Yieldify on its product pages. When visitors looked at specific shoes, a discreet notification appeared, letting them know the number of other people that had also viewed that product in the past 24 hours. By making a product look popular, Dynamic Social Proof had a powerful impact, driving up to 11.1% uplift in conversions.


Up to 11.1%

Conversion rate uplift
on website product pages

How it works

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