HMV is a leading specialist retailer of music, film, games and technology products. Practically synonymous with the very history and development of British popular music and culture, its rich heritage as a retail specialist stretches back over 90 years. HMV relaunched its online store in 2014 after two years offline and last year overtook Amazon to become the largest retailer of physical music in the UK.


Entertainment retail is now a majority-digital business (57.6%) with over £3.5bn being spent on digital formats in 2015 alone. The opportunity online is impossible to ignore. But getting visitors onto your website in the first place is a big challenge. The marketplace is noisy with web stores, streaming services and file-sharing networks, with major players like Amazon also posing a constant threat. The ease of piracy also means convincing someone to purchase entertainment at all is a challenge in itself. It’s never been more important for entertainment retailers to differentiate themselves to secure business


When those hard-won visitors arrive onsite, marketers need to have the right tools to create meaningful interactions with those visitors to encourage them to stay and convert.

Yieldify helped HMV engage its website visitors at the perfect moment to optimise their conversion rates and increase order value.



Driven success


Reduce website abandonment



from abandoning website visitors


Increase average order value



vs. before Yieldify

” Great enthusiastic people and excellent product.”


Steve Partridge 
Head of Ecommerce, HMV

Campaigns that meet their objectives

Promotion amplification: free delivery

A powerful USP for HMV is its low delivery threshold, far lower than that of other big competitors in entertainment retail. Yieldify launched campaigns that highlighted this key differentiator, to increase conversions and order value.

When visitors showed intent to exit, Yieldify served them with an overlay offering them free delivery on orders over £10, with messaging that changed depending on the value of items in their basket.



Conversion rate
from targeted abandoning visitors

Promotion amplification: product focus

A product category HMV sought to highlight was their exclusive range of Steelbooks – collectible packaging for home entertainment media. Yieldify identified visitors who would be interested in these products based on their onsite behaviour and encouraged them to explore these promotions.

When visitors showed intent to exit after browsing the film and TV webpages, Yieldify served them with an overlay encouraging them to view Steelbooks. Visitors who interacted with this overlay were then fast-tracked to the Steelbooks pages.



Conversion rate
from targeted abandoning visitors

How it works

Watch the free delivery campaign in action on desktop:


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