Domino’s Pizza chose Yieldify to optimise its on-site conversions and reduce basket abandonment. Leaders in online delivery, 67% of all Domino’s UK sales take place online.

With Yieldify, Domino’s has already increased on-site conversion rates, lifted average order values, acquired new customers and inspired loyalty, driving excellent ROI.


Yieldify designed ‘stretch and save’ campaigns to re-engage visitors about to abandon the Domino’s website. We tailored campaigns to drive new customer acquisition and reward brand loyalty. In all campaigns, overlay messaging dynamically changed in response to the value of items in each visitor’s basket.

The campaigns encouraged visitors with basket values below a certain threshold to convert with a higher AOV and if customers had a basket value over the threshold, we highlighted that they were now eligible for the discount.


Driven success


Increase conversions



Uplift in Conversion Rate


Email leads in a month
From visitors that showed exit intent


Uplift in Average Order Value
Benchmarked against website level

“Yieldify’s products and service have proven to be a valuable part of our digital strategy, driving an increase in conversion rates, average order values and high ROI as a result. The results we have seen are excellent and we are excited to see what we can achieve with Yieldify as we move forward together.”

Hayley Tillson
Performance Marketing Manager at Domino’s

New customer acquisition

Abandoning visitors who had been visiting the site for the first time were served with a 25% off discount to encourage them to complete their order. A top performer, in April the campaign achieved a 14% lift in conversion rate and increased AOV by 9%. The campaign has played a major role in helping Domino’s to engage new customers, having captured 58,000 email leads in April, reaching a high of over 65,000 in August.


Rewarding loyalty

 Yieldify ran a three-tiered campaign to engage returning visitors. Returning customers who showed intent to exit with a basket value under £15 were served ‘15% off when you spend over £15’. Visitors with a basket value between £15 and £17 were told they are eligible to receive the incentive. The third tier targeted abandoning visitors with high-value baskets, offering them £10 off if their basket value exceeded £30. In April these campaigns lifted conversion rate by 16%.


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