Cat Millar
Cat Millar | November 12, 2018
Content Marketing Manager

Want to see how you shape up compared to the 200+ marketers featured in our State of CJO report? Take the quiz to benchmark your CJO strategy!

Optimizing the customer journey can be tough – with so much data, and so many touchpoints it can be difficult to know where to start.

So to better understand how e-commerce marketers are getting on we surveyed 200 of them. The results reveal a diverse picture of the State of CJO in 2018:

  • Marketers are beginning to pass the hurdle of understanding the customer journey – more than 70% believe they have a good understanding but are less confident when it comes to optimization
  • CJO is rapidly gaining traction as a distinct, definable practice in the marketer’s skill set, with respondents growing in confidence when it comes to defining CJO versus Personalization and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Current CJO strategies are focused on low-hanging fruit, favouring ‘easy’ to implement tactics like customer feedback and journey mapping.
  • In 2019, marketers plan to tackle the more challenging tactics – 40% of US marketers will be investing in Personalization
  • A third of marketers plan to increase budgets dedicated to CJO in 2019, focusing on training and working with external agencies and consultants.

And now we’re giving you the chance to see how your CJO strategy compares against these results. Take a few minutes (really, it’s only 5 questions) to complete the quiz below, and we’ll tell you where you rank. You’ll get recommendations on next steps too

See? Super quick! Now you’re done make sure to check out the full State of CJO report here, and if you decide you need a little help improving your strategy for 2019 then we’re on hand, book your free consultation below.

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